Lowest interest rates for French Mortgages


Below are some examples of the best buy French mortgages currently available to non-resident customers. These are examples of "book rates"from our extensive panel available French mortgages. We often acheive better conditions than standard "book rates" for our clients depending on their individual situation. To obtain your own personalised mortgage quotes please contact us for a no obligation chat.

Other points to consider other than the interest rate, include arrangement fees, early redemption penalties, cost of insurance, cost of bank account etc. Our expert advisors will look further than the interest rate and will help you understand each mortgage and ensure that you get the best solution for your overall needs.

Each mortgage quote we provide will contain the French equivalent of the annual APR and the overall cost of credit, two factors which are essential in determining the best mortgage.

If you require Equity Release, please contact us directly.


Rate Term LTV Notes
1.80% 20yrs 80% Rate fixed for the term
2.40% 25yrs 70% Rate fixed for the term
1.55% 20yrs 85% Capped rate for 7 years
1.55% 15yrs 80% Rate fixed for the term
1.95% 20yrs 75% Mixed Mortgage
2.50% 14yrs 75% Interest Only

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